Anyone that's felt the unmistakable ethereal groove of Deep Jesus as first morning rays of sun hit their face knows that the experience is just as spiritual as his moniker suggests.

Deep Jesus - real name Ryan Orey - is known primarily as one fifth of Desert Hearts, a ragtag group of DJs that are rapidly reshaping the parameters of the West Coast festival scene. But more recently he’s been celebrated as a standout international solo artist, who’s deep, star-salutating house and techno vibes are inducing glass-eyed epiphanies on dancefloors across North America.

Deep Jesus has been known to be his strongest when pulling the sun up, and bringing it down over the horizon with his deep, spacey sets purposed for transitioning vibes and shifting moods on dancefloors. But while invoking the more spiritual elements of the underground is core to Orey’s sound, he’s just as comfortable roughing it out at peak time and working a crowd into submission, and he’s fast making this diversity one of his starkest attributes. 

Alongside Mikey Lion, Lee Reynolds, Marbs and Porkchop, Orey is one of the founding members of the Desert Hearts crew. Since launching in 2012, the group quickly grew from being a tiny desert pop-up rave, to being a thousands-strong standalone festival and a countercultural movement on the West Coast. 

The group have knocked out seven bi-annual festivals - headlined by the likes of Claude VonStroke, Audiofly, Francesca Lombardo, Mark Houle, and many more. In 2015, Desert Hearts birthed their now-international City Hearts parties. With two tours under his belt, Deep Jesus has spread his sound and vibes to a string of high-profile club nights and pop-ups across North America. The year also saw him throw down at NYC Cityfox's grand opening of the Brooklyn Mirage AND their LA party featuring Dixon, Adriatique and Atish. 

A former US Marine, Orey is gearing up to bring the taut discipline and focus of the service into the studio, and push out a slew of releases on their homespun imprint Desert Hearts Records. He’s fast developing a unique sound that plunges the depths of his vast influences and yet stays true to his direction as an individual that spins deep, spiritual narratives with every set he plays.

Being one of the central figures in America’s most valuable underground movement, Deep Jesus is a hugely exciting international DJ that’s fast-changing the perspectives of many clubbers and festival goers across the country. And with 2016 set to be a significant step up for both Desert Hearts and Deep Jesus as a solo artist, we’re looking at one of the most forward-thinking acts in dance music today.