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Funk conductor, eclectic savant, and master of good vibes: this is Lonely Boy. His talents are omnidirectional, spanning a Master’s Degree in Jazz Studies, television commercials, bike building, sausage making, ice dancing, and tour gigs on every continent (except Antarctica).

Under his new alias, veteran DJ/Producer Joshua Heath has released a diverse palette of cracking tunes on a wide array of labels including Winding Road, Culprit, Desert Hearts Records, Future Boogie, Armada Deep, Kitsune and Bunny Tiger.

This lonely robot cares not about what genre is cool, what sub-genre is hip, what sub-sub-genre requires jorts and stashes. Deep, dirty, dreamy or Disco, he is programmed with one objective: to send you to outer space on a rainbow made of Oprah's tears.

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