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TÂCHES - Notes on Grains


What's up Desert Hearts Family!

The ever-elusive TÂCHES makes his EP debut on Desert Hearts Records with Notes on Grains, a two-tracker that blends in effortlessly with our label’s mystical, sand-whipped sound.
After attending one of our Desert Hearts Festivals last year, the former self-described “shallow house” producer adopted a new sound and philosophy of “Home is where the Heart is,” resulting in the dreamily melancholic tech house heard in his remix of crew member Marbs’ “Tusks & Tales” and Eli & Fur collaboration “Lookalike,” the latter getting a high-profile placement in Hannah Wants’ ‘fabriclive 89’ mix.
‘Notes on Grains’ sees TÂCHES front and center as he continues to explore his new sonic path, evoking images of elaborate fireside rituals in the dead of night in “Slalom” with its serpentine sax riffs, moody percussion, and delicate flutes. On the B-side, “Intentions” gets emotional among the 4/4 stomps, its lingering chords capable of inducing profound life realizations when played at sunrise. This EP is some proper tripped out Desert Hearts steeze that we know you're going to enjoy.

Love Always,

The Desert Hearts Crew

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