Zangief EP.jpg

[DH031] Clyde P - Zangief


What’s Up Desert Hearts Family,

We’re doing something a bit different for this next EP… so please read below.

First the music: we've got a massive release for you guys here with Parisian producer Clyde P's debut EP on the label! We were first introduced to Clyde via longtime friend of the label, wAFF, so right away we knew Clyde was on the same vibe as us. Shortly after we met, I found this beast of an EP in my inbox and I knew I wanted all three tracks immediately. Appropriately titled after the fat boy wrestler from Street Fighter named Zangief, this entire EP is meant for dance floor destruction. 

Here’s what’s different…

As you know, spreading our movement of love and positive energy as far and wide as possible will forever be at the core of our ethos - from the festival, to the parties, and of course from the label. With that in mind, we want to try a little experiment with this release. In order to grow our global audience of house and techno lovers like you, we need to utilize all the resources available to us. Right now the single biggest resource for growing a record label’s influence is constantly having music in the charts on Beatport. In the beginning, this wasn’t a major concern to us, as we’ve always done things differently at Desert Hearts, but we’ve learned that this matters to the majority of artists out there who want to get the most out of their productions. 

We want to bring the best and brightest onto the label and that means providing artists with as many resources as possible to grow their own audience. So for this EP, we are asking our family to do us a massive favor and support Clyde P’s release on Beatport, which will help us reach new people around the world via their global platform. 

And if you really can’t afford to purchase the music, we got you! This is not the end of our completely free record label! ALL of our music will be available for free on SoundCloud and Spotify, and you can still download the music for free 10 days after it hits Bearport…  just like before. <3 

Hope you enjoy, and thank you from the bottom of our hearts. 

House, Techno, & Love… We Are All Desert Hearts.